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Always up-to-date

Get Notified With Each Application

With Vaqancies Conneqt, you will always get notified immediately if a new candidate has applied for one of your vacancies. We will send you an automatic email with all vital candidate information included, in a clear and structured overview. This way, you have all the essential information immediately available.

New talents page overview for an overview of new candidate applicationsYou have got mail notification in dark blue rectangle
A green check icon with confirmation written underneath in a dark blue squareA candidate with photo and candidate name Dale Blicker and job position as Frontend DeveloperA personalised confirmation email template that says Hi Dale Blicker as an example candidate
Connect with applicants

Personalised Confirmation Emails

There is nothing worse for candidates than never hearing back from you after their application. Therefore, Vaqancies Conneqt immediately thanks your applicant in a personalised, automated email. Let candidates know that you really value their time and effort, and win them over with the smallest gesture.

Spend your time to connect

Efficient and Personal

Vaqancies Conneqt allows you to save time by providing a clear overview of all applicants and automated confirmation emails. This allows you to use your time to connect with candidates. With Vaqancies Conneqt, you can guarantee that all candidates get the attention they deserve and that they enjoy a positive application process.

Schedule your interview template with date and time examples in dark blue and redThe Vaqancies logo with a notification icon containing the number oneA candidate photo with a notification icon containing the number one
An example of a mission and vision page by with the vacancies logo to highlight cultural fit and company cultureAn accepted application with a green tick iconRejected application with a red cross on itA resume template of Michelle Murphy with a template photo
Application Templates

Candidate-centred Templates

At Vaqancies, we have researched what kind of response candidates would like to receive after their application, whether this feedback is positive or negative. Our templates allow you to be transparent and provide clear feedback in your emails. Easily personalise our templates according to your wants and needs and connect with all candidates.

Connect. Trust. Hire.

Small document showing GDPR compliance
GDPR Compliant

Vaqancies is fully GDPR compliant; therefore, your and your candidates’ data is safe with us.

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Always Online

Always connect with your candidates on our Cloud-based servers.

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Tech Support

Though we made our platform as easy as we possibly could, we are always happy to help.

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