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Vaqancies helps you to write candidate-based vacancies, aimed at what candidates want, and what they need in order to apply.

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Manage Your Vacancies

With Vaqancies, you can quickly and easily upload all your vacancies. It has a clear and structured overview to make it easier for both you and your candidates. Moreover, you have full control over your own career page and job descriptions and therefore, can ensure that everything is always up-to-date.

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Write for candidates

Candidate-based Templates

Vaqancies has done thorough research to discover what candidates require from a vacancy before they are willing to apply. Therefore, Vaqancies has developed candidate-based vacancy templates for you to personalise. This way, candidates always have all the vital information in a clear overview. It saves everyone time and effort, and thus improves your hiring process.

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Improve Your Hiring Process

Improve your hiring process and make it easier for candidates to apply by using Vaqancies Conneqt. Vaqancies offers a smooth application process to make it as easy and efficient as possible for your candidates. Simultaneously, the process is simplified for you as an organisation as you will receive all applications in one clear overview.

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Vaqancies is here to help

We Can Provide Your Content

Vaqancies has a team of experts that always available to help you to write, edit, translate and provide video and photo content for your vacancies. Want to ensure you attract the right professionals? Or do you like us to perform a double check on your vacancies to see if there is room for improvement? We are here to help.

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GDPR Compliant

Vaqancies is fully GDPR compliant; therefore, your and your candidates’ data is safe with us.

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Always Online

Always connect with your candidates on our Cloud-based servers.

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Tech Support

Though we made our platform as easy as we possibly could, we are always happy to help.

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