How To Improve Your Candidate Experience?

September 03, 2020

Why Improve the Candidate Experience?

The worst mistake you can make as a company is to mistreat candidates during the hiring process. Yet, a shocking 60% of candidates have had a poor application experience. The most obvious reason to treat your candidates better would be that over 63% of candidates are more likely to reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience. Furthermore, 64% of job seekers say that as a result, they are less likely to purchase your products and services. Because why would they spend their time and money on you, if you could not be bothered to show them the same kindness?

"...whether it is in your personal life or your career, being politely told ‘no thank you’ is preferable to not hearing anything at all"

How Can You Improve Your Hiring Process?

Improving your hiring process might seem daunting. Firstly, find out how difficult it is for a candidate to apply for a job on your careers page so job seekers might actually become candidates. According to CareerBuilder, approximately 60% of candidates admitted to having quit halfway through a job application because the process was either too lengthy, contained technical issues, or was too complicated. Candidates do not want to spend hours filling out a job application. Therefore, ensure that they do not have to fill out information twice or ask them to type out their entire resumes. It is also essential to reflect on your interview process, as over 83% of candidates say that a negative experience  can change their mind about the role and company they once liked.

How Valuable is Feedback for Your Candidate Experience?

Receiving feedback and giving feedback is essential for a company to improve their candidate experience. Yet, over 65% of candidates say they never, or rarely, receive any notice or feedback about their application. Almost everyone agrees, that whether it is in your personal life or your career, being politely told ‘no thank you’ is preferable to not hearing anything at all. Moreover, while you might not offer the candidate an opportunity to give you feedback, this does not mean that they will not share their own experience with others. Approximately 78% would discourage someone they know from applying for a company, after having had a negative experience during their application process themselves.

Vaqancies Tips & Tricks

In conclusion, treating candidates poorly and not improving on your hiring process will not only prevent candidates from applying for your vacancies, but it can also cost you money. Although you cannot hire everyone, at least make a connection with your candidates by improving the application process, and by treating every candidate as you would treat your customers or clients. However, because we know how difficult it can be to improve your hiring processes, we have compiled a list of tips & tricks on how to improve your hiring process and impress candidates.

1. Write shorter, to-the-point job posts that only includes vital information;
2. Ensure your application process is easy and treat candidates as human beings;
3. Your story matters; briefly inform candidates what drives you and your organisation.

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