How To Improve Your Branded Career Page


5 Tips & Tricks on How To Improve Your Branded Career Page

In our latest blog about employer branding, we elaborated on how to get started when you are developing your employer brand. At Vaqancies, we believe that your branded career page is the anchor holding together your hiring strategy. After all, your career page should clearly convince your candidates to apply for your organisation. Moreover, you will have to continually improve and update your career page to stay ahead of your competition. Therefore, we will share 5 tips and tricks on how to improve your branded career page with Vaqancies.

First and foremost, you want to impress your candidates and answer as many questions your candidates might have, by providing clear and truthful information about your organisation. Besides your open vacancies, where your office is located, benefits, and other necessary details about the job and your organisation, we at Vaqancies always recommend including;

  1. Your mission, vision, and company values.
    By aligning your hiring strategy with your values, you put yourself in a much better position to find your future star players, as their values are already aligned with yours.
  2. Your company culture.
    As we have discussed before, over 66% of candidates think it is essential to know your company culture before applying. Moreover, not all candidates might be the best fit for your company, even if they are exceptionally skilled. By being open and transparent about your company culture, you can ensure that only like-minded candidates will apply for your vacancies.
  3. Your employee testimonials.
    As your employees are one of your most significant assets in recruiting, their testimonials are a vital element to include on your career page. Not only can it ensure that passive candidates might want to work for you, but it may also function as proof as to why to work for your organisation. After all, your employees know what it is like to work for you, and will give a truthful account of why you are the best choice for potential candidates.

In addition to what kind of information you present, you must also keep in mind how you present it.

  1. Use rich media
    Did you know that the average person can consume visual information 600.000 times faster than text? And that they only read about 20% of the text on a regular webpage? By sharing your story through images and videos, you can give a better impression of your company culture and ensure that you reach all potential candidates.
  2. SEO and User Experience
    For your candidates to actually land on your branded career page, having a good SEO strategy is critical. Not only will it help candidates find your branded career page, but SEO practices such as using bullet points and having an easy and accessible website, also increase your candidates’ user experience while they are on your page, which might help impress them of your brand.

In short, there are a few simple and easy tricks to improve your branded career page. First and foremost, you want to ensure that you include all the vital information. Secondly, you want to ensure that your content is easily accessible to everyone. Are you curious to learn what other tips and tricks you can use to attract and impress more candidates? Read more about how Vaqancies can help you get your own branded career page here.

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