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Information is Vital
47% of all candidates do not apply if your vacancy lacks certain information
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Candidates Want More
60% of all candidates would rate most application processes as poor or as very bad
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Your Story Matters
40% of all candidates want to know the organisation’s mission & vision before applying
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Always a clear overview

Easily Track Candidates

Improve your hiring process with Vaqancies and with a more transparent and efficient hiring platform. Never lose track of your candidates and easily create a personal connection with personalised automated email templates.

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Engage Candidates Instantly

Candidate-based Vacancies

Engage the right candidates and find the perfect match with a candidate-based vacancy. Vaqancies provides templates based on what a candidate wants and needs. We will help you to write clear job applications and to elaborate on your company culture. Ensure your candidates always have a pleasant application process.

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Employer Branding

You only have one chance at a good first impression. Stand out from the crowd and dare to tell your story by showing off your brand. Vaqancies helps you to attract and impress candidates by providing you with your own website and your own design.

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"Vaqancies Conneqt has changed the way we communicate with our candidates. It is easy to use and makes our hiring process more efficient. Now we finally have time to focus on what really matters: our candidates".
-  Charity Jung

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